Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 20, 2015

Vayichee – And He Lived

This week’s Torah Reading is called Vayichee – And He Lived.  It is the final portion in the first book of the Torah called Biraishees – In The Beginning.  This week is also the week that the 10th of Teves falls out on.  This day is when the Babylonians began the siege of Jerusalem which led eventually to the destruction of our 1st Holy Temple and our exile.  Thus the Rabbis declared it to be a fast day from sunrise to when the stars come out.

In the Torah Reading, Yakov will pass away, bless his children and be buried in Israel.  The symbolism of his being buried in Israel is a statement that in the end we will all end up in Israel, no matter how long and how bitter our exile will be.

We do have an interesting historical event unfolding that Moshe is watching.  Yakov instructs Yoseph to bury him in the Cave of Machpela that Avraham had bought from Efron the Hittite. Yoseph will be leaving Egypt for the burial and gets permission from the King, informing him where Yakov is to be buried.  (Still no UN complaint).  Yakov indeed passes away and he is escorted to the land of Canaan (UN that is Israel -hm does not say Palestine).  During the trip, Yakov’s body is escorted by the local nations to pay honor to Yakov (still no UN complaint).  When they arrive, there is a complainer, non other than the oldest son of Yitzchak, good old Eisav.  He says the last place of burial belongs to him as he is the oldest. (Still no UN or Palestinian delegation of even descendants of Ishmael – Avraham’s oldest kid)  (Interesting Moshe is saying).

Naphtali the Olympic track star runs back to Egypt to get the written contract of sale.  While this is happening Chushim, the deaf son of Dan, realizing what is going on became very angry at keeping the burial of his grandfather waiting.  He picks up a club and chops off Eisav’s head which rolls into the cave and is indeed buried there.  That takes care of that (a good lesson for the UN – oh and Naftali does come back with the document).

It is indeed interesting to note, that though we experience the fast of Teves this week, and the beginning of the destruction of Jerusalem and our Holy Temple.  We also experience the return of Yakov and the validity to our rights to the land.  The world then joined in to bury Yakov in agreement.  Soon the world will indeed join in to acknowledge the right to our land and the 3rd Holy Temple (Now that will indeed be a miracle for the UN).



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