Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 13, 2015

Vayeegash – And He Approached

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeegash – And He Approached.

The first part of this week finishes the miracle holiday of Chanuka.  Indeed we Jews are a nation of miracles in many ways.  Going way back to the fact that our first mother Sarah was childless and it took a miracle for her to give birth.

We now watch Yoseph and his wife Asnas, she is the adopted daughter of the family that Yoseph had worked for.  Their ability to function is amazing.  Remember, Asnas ran away from her real family, which was Dinah, Yoseph’s sister.  Yoseph brothers and their kids were picking on Asnas as she was the daughter of Dinah through a rape.  Asnas felt second class so she ran away and ended up in Egypt.  Yoseph, of course was sold to Egypt by his brothers.

So Yoseph comes home and tells Asnas we are having guests for dinner tonight. Who, Asnas certainly asks and guess who, yep the wonderful brothers that had treated her 2nd class and wanted to kill her husband but instead sold him into slavery, very nice.  ( Hey just a side note, mother’s day for Asnas was no picnic either.  She would invited her adopted mother, who only had accused her husband Yoseph of wanting to seduce her and gotten him put in jail – not your average family situation as Asnas would wish her Happy Mother’s Day).

However, one thing you do see, the strength, of both Yoseph and Asnas to cope with almost insanity.   To have two wonderful children that would become part of the Jewish Nation.  These are two unique people.  It is this quality that is passed on to us that allows us to survive and thrive in almost insane situations.

Moshe, who is watching all this on Mt. Sina, as a time traveler to the past, thinks of his own normal life. Yep thrown into a basket and placed in the water.  Rescued by the daughter of Pharoh and raised later in Pharoh’s palace, all very normal.  However, he too was given the skills by his mother Yocheved to overcome the insanity he would have to deal with.

It would be nice however, if this insane world would sort of stop and we could have our 3rd Holy Temple and things could get back to “normal”.


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