Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 8, 2015

Toldos – Generations

This week’s Torah Reading is called Toldos – Generations.  The birth of Yitzchak and Eisav are recorded.

We find a story similar to what happened to Avraham and Sarah on two separate occasions.  Avraham and Sarah had to pretend they were brother and sister, lest they kill Avraham if they knew he was her husband.  (Again in that time period they were very “religious”, they did not commit adultery, they just killed the husband.

When Yitzchak and Rivka came to live in Gerar, here too, Yitzchak felt the need to pretend being brother and sister.  Soon the King spotted the two acting in a manner that was not brother and sister like and the King summoned Yitzchak.  He accused Yitzchak of stating a falsehood and Yitzchak told the king that he did so because he feared for his life.  Avimelech does the good thing and announces that anyone that touches Yitzchak or Rivka shall be put to death.

Later they, Yitzchak and the king have an argument and Yitzchak is asked to leave.  Shortly later the king realizes he made a mistake by sending Yitzchak away.  Many of the blessings the city of Gerar had were due to Yitzchak and Rivka.  This now the king recognized.  He goes after Yitzchak to apologize for what he did.  Yitzchak makes a special meal and accepts his apology.  ( Note that when the king asked Yitzchak to leave no harm was done nor was any of Yitzchak’s and Rivka’s items taken. Other nations were not as kind). While still there, just before leaving, the king is witness to the fact the Yitzchak’s servants had found a new well and the city would be named Beer-Sheba.

Again the king sees that blessings follow where Yitzchak goes and stays.

If only the nations of the world would learn from these historical events.  Those that treated the Jews kindly had good and those that did not well ….  Anyhow soon this will all end with the 3rd Temple being built and then all will be good.


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