Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 25, 2015

Vayaira – And He Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is called Vayaira – And He Appeared.

In this week’s Torah reading we are shown a clear distinction between Abraham and Noach.  In Noach’s time, he is also told by the Al-mighty, His plans to destroy the world through a flood.  He then instructs Noach to build an ark and gather a male and female of all the animals etc. (You would have thought that with all that hard work ahead of him, that Noach might have suggested not destroying the world).  That did not happen.   Noach remains silent and goes about building the ark.  He does tell the people when asked that the Al-mighty plans to destroy the world through a flood.  (People thought Noach was let out of Mt. Sinai’s Mental Ward for good behavior.)

Avraham, on the other hand begins to pray for the nations the Al-mighty wants to destroy.  Abraham says perhaps there are some good people there that should not die because of the wicked.  Abraham gets down to the number 10 and knows that is when to stop. (In Noach’s time they were also short of 10, Noach, his family and even counting the Al-mighty made up 9)

We are the children of Avraham.  We see from our forefather his concern for saving society.  It is not surprising that in us are many people that work in positions to help humankind and volunteer in a variety of ways to improve and help the world we live in.  Indeed this is the path that we the descendants of Avraham and Sarah should choose. (Those that have chosen to make $ can help and do help by making sure there is “gas in the car” so the person may be able to drive and reach the individual that needs help.

Let us continue to walk in this path and perhaps increase in our activities as this is one of the methods that will help bring the 3rd Temple back for us to live a life where there will be no more destruction and sadness.


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