Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 11, 2015

Noach – Noach

The Torah reading for this week is Noach, the story of the flood and the family that survived by building and living in an ark.  This week also begins the new Hebrew month called Mar(bitter – as there are no holidays) Cheshvan.

Over the years I have always referred the reader to check up on Bill Cosby’s Noah on YouTube.  Now I have a problem.  In America it is called innocent until proven guilty.  There is also the saying “where there is smoke there is fire”.  I have not as yet removed Cosby’s piece on Noah from my past writings.  However,  I will not include it this year.

During the time of Noah, the society had become very corrupt.  No one was doing anything to change that, including Noah.  Yes he was righteous, but he chose not to impact on the society around him.  Next week we will learn about a man that did want to change society, Abraham.

The acts that Bill Cosby is accused of are indeed very terrible.  We live in a country with laws and recognize that this behavior is horrible.  We live in a country that has a great deal of wonderful volunteer groups, helping in all kinds of different ways.

The dollar bill has the motto “In G-d We Trust”.  Thus this country is indeed blessed.  Yes there will be tragedies but the country will survive.

Noah lived in his own little world, we need to be out there and see to it, that it is our world filled with all that is good, and the creeps, negative individuals, pay for their terrible actions.

May we continue to rebuild a world that is filled with all that is good.


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