Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 4, 2015

Braishees – In The Beginning

This week we begin reading the Torah from the beginning once again.  Indeed the Torah portion is called Braishees – In The Beginning.

We find an interesting story related to Day 4.  The Torah describes that first the Al-mighty created 2 BIG lights  Then the Torah goes on to say that the BIG light was used to rule in the day and the smaller light (what happened – it was once BIG?) to rule in the night.

The Talmud tells us that the one light complained to the Al-mighty that you cannot have 2 Kings sharing the same crown.  Thus the Al-mighty made the complainer’s light smaller (the moon).

Does this mean we can never complain?  Well generally speaking, when something good is happening to you, say thank you with a big smile.  However, when something negative is happening well then you just might want to complain.  We have been without our Holy Temple in Jerusalem for about 2000 years and we have complained for about 2000 years.  We need to continue to complain and at the same time increase our good deeds and our love and concern for our fellow brothers and sisters.

It is truly time to have the ultimate bright light which is our full redemption and the presence of our 3rd Holy Temple in Jerusalem.


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