Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 27, 2015

Vizos Habracha – And This Is The Blessing

The final section, Vizos Habrach – And This Is The Blessing, is read on the Yom Tov of Simchos Torah according to all customs.

We read this section on the day we dance and celebrate with the Torah.  Moshe blesses the entire Jewish Nation and it ends with the burial of Moshe on Mt. Navo and Joshua taking over.  Moshe will actually pass away in the Hebrew month of Adar, the Torah is just recording this event for us to read now.

The Torah also lets us know that Moshe was the greatest prophet.  Within each and every Jew there is a spark of Moshe.  Thus we have the ability to come close to the Al-mighty, albeit not on the level of Moshe.  During this month, the Hebrew month of Tishrei, we celebrate crowning the Al-mighty as our King, (Rosh Hashona), we ask the Al-mighty for blessings for the entire New Year.  We also ask the Al-mighty for forgiveness for our transgressions (Yom Kippur) and we choose to live in a Succah, a temporary dwelling place as did our forefathers when they left Egypt and wandered in the desert.  The Succah represented the clouds that protected the Jewish Nation during the 40 years. Thus this indeed is a time to bring out our strong attachment to the Al-mighty, remember our first national leader, Moshe, and dance and sing.

We have faith that just as he knew he would eventually enter the promised land, we too know that we will enter the promised land and be with Moshe and the 3rd Holy Temple.(PS, the promised land has no mention of missiles being fired into the land as that will all be over).  May it happen this year.


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