Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 6, 2015

Nitzaveem – Standing

This week’s Torah Reading is called Nitzaveem.  It alludes to the concept of standing before the Al-mighty on our New Year, Rosh Hashona.  Nitzaveen is always read before Rosh Hashona, alone or combined with the next Torah Reading.

The Torah Reading is indeed beautiful in terms of the blessings we will receive when fulfilling the will of the Al-mighty by following the Torah and the Commandments.

It is the shortest Torah Reading composed of just 40 sentences.  The number 40 has a variety of historical events associated with it.  The rain of Noah’s flood lasted 40 days, a sign of world purification as indeed a Mikav is filled with 40 saah ( a Hebrew measurement of water) for purification.  Moshe was up on Mt. Sinai each time for 40 days.  We say that we understand our teacher after 40 years.  Thus Moshe gathers the Jewish Nation, after their being in the dessert for 40 years and absorbing and learning Torah, giving them their final instructions.

After each Torah Reading there is a combination of letters indicating the number of sentences in the Torah Reading.  As pointed out their are 40.  The combination of letters used is Lamed (30), Vais(2), Vais(2), Vav(6),  spelling out the Hebrew word LeVaVo, His heart.  This shows the Love of the Al-mighty to the Jewish Nation and reflects our love back to the Al-mighty.  As we conclude the month of Elul shortly after this coming Shabbos, the month that stands for Ani Lidodee Vidodee Lee, I am to My Beloved as My Beloved is to Me,  let us enter the New Year Rosh Hashona with this love and purity  absorbed in our many years of wandering in exile.  May it reveal the ultimate love, the building of our 3rd Temple, our “Honeymoon Home”.


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