Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 9, 2015

Ri’aih – See

This week’s Torah Reading is Ri’aih – See. It is also the Shabbos Rosh Chodesh Elul,  the new month of Elul, a month that we have to examine and look at our deeds we did or did not do for the year that is quickly ending. Soon it will be Rosh Hashona – The New Year and we have to make amends to receive the proper blessings.

Toward the end of the Torah Reading we have a reminder of the 3 special holidays, Pesach, Shavuous and Succos, known as the Shalosh Regaleem – the Three Festivals (Feet is another possible translation for Regaleem as Regal is foot).  Perhaps this is a sign we should be (singing) and dancing on our holidays.

If we use our eyes and look at these 3 special holidays we will see the special relationship we have with the Al-mighty.  On Passsover, the Al-mighty officially declared us His special nation by taking us out of Egypt, performing all those various miracles for His special children.  On Shavuous, the Al-mighty, so to speak, revealed Himself on Mt. Sinai and gave us the Torah, the rules we need to live by.  On Succos, we are reminded of our daily living in the desert under the clouds of protection from the Al-mighty.  Yes, the clouds did provide us with air conditioning in the desert and better yet, no electric bill, other than obeying the Al-mighty’s commandments.

We need to go through life seeing each day as a blessing and the direct relationship we have with the Al-mighty.  It is interesting to note that we actually begin our day with the Modeh Ani, I give thanks to the Al-mighty for restoring my soul, (waking up alive).  If we will keep our eyes on the Al-mighty, hopefully we will soon be able to see His presence, so to speak, once again in His 3rd home, our Holy Temple in Jerusalem


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