Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 2, 2015

Aikev – Heel

This week’s Torah reading is called Aikev – “The Heel”.  It is given this name because there is a tendency to ‘step’ (not to do) those commandments that seem unimportant.  They sort of get stepped on by the ‘heel’.  The Torah tells us that they are also important and should be observed.

We find in this Torah portion that the Al-mighty is asking for total commitment and love.  He reminds us that He is not affected or distracted by wealth or other entities to carry out His responsibilities.  The Al-mighty asks of us to especially love the convert, who has on his/her own initiative accepted the commandments.  Included in this, according to one author, is to love the new person in your neighborhood; the new student in your school; and the new person on the job.

This concept is indeed very special.  We have a tendency to overlook, sort of  ‘step on’ the new comer.  The Torah is telling us to be aware of this new person and treat that person in a very positive way.

When we show this love/concern for the new person/stranger this opens the door for the Al-mighty to show His love for us.

May we merit His love in seeing the 3rd Temple shortly built


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