Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 5, 2015

Pinchas – Pinchas

This week’s Torah Reading is called Pinchas – Pinchas.  This comes right after a Torah Reading named after a nasty King Balak who wanted to kill Jews.  (yep even back then they existed).  Now we have a Torah Reading named after a special Tzadik, who did actually have to kill a Jew, (for the Jew’s public sinning behavior).

There are two ways we can have name recognition; one is in a very positive light like Pinchas, and the other is in a negative light like Balak.  Torah reveals to us the ultimate benefits of choosing a positive light.  Pinchas is rewarded with greatness in the end and Balak is killed in the end.  (Pinchas is Elyahoo Hanavi who actually does not even die).

Each day we are faced with choices, one leads us to a positive place and the other leads us to a negative place.  Pinchas comes every Pesach to our seder, when we began as a Jewish Nation with our exodus from Egypt.  We experience a renewal so to speak and are strengthened to encounter the various obstacles that we will face.  We can call on the way Pinchas acted, with great strength and courage to carry out the proper action required.  Let us use his guidance each day as we approach the time when Pinchas (Elyahoo) will be revealed and announce the end of Exile.


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