Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 28, 2015

Balak – Balak

This week’s Torah Reading is Balak. Balak is a king that may have been the founder of Murder for Hire.  He contracts a prophet named Bilaam to curse the Jewish Nation and thus allow Balak to defeat the Jewish Nation.  It does not work out.  Bilaam ends up blessing the Jewish Nation and in the final end both Balak and Bilaam are killed.

Bilaam does indirectly cause the death of 24,000 Jews with the advice he leaves Balak with.  Basically get the Jews to sin and the Al-mighty will take care of business, free of charge.  Thus that is exactly what Balak does.

We are told that the death count could have been higher had not Pinchas stepped in and publicly killed the 2 public sinners.  His actions stopped the plague that was killing the Jews.  Pinchas was obviously then doing the correct thing by actually killing these 2 public sinners in a clear and public way.

There are times when we have to take the spot light so to speak and perform a very strange type of action.  When called upon we do have it in us.  We cannot stand by passively and let things that are publicly wrong continue.  It is our responsibility to be aggressive and correct the situation.  We do have the ability in us or we would not have been confronted with the challenge.  Let us make use of this talent when called upon and bring an abundance of light where there was darkness before.


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