Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 7, 2015

Shilach – You Send

The Torah Reading for this week is Shilach – You Send.  This refers to the 12 spies sent to spy out the land.  Not a very happy ending.  The Jewish Nation was told that they would not enter the land of Israel for 40 years because of their actions and the males over 20 years old now would die in the desert.

Later in the Torah Reading the Jewish Nation are given a variety of commandments that apply when they will come into the land of Israel.  This appears at a first glance to be rather strange.  We just finished hearing that we are not to enter the land for another 40 years and now we are given certain commandments to perform when we will enter the land.

Perhaps what the Al-mighty is trying to do is tell the Jewish Nation to relax.  Yes you made a big mistake and will have to be in a state of exile for a set period of time.  However, it will end and these are further commandments that you will need to do when you enter the land.  Upon hearing the new commandments this gave them faith that indeed they would enter the promised land.

We too sometimes get into a state of depression with our exile and suffering.  We must also know that the Al-mighty has made a commitment to redeem us and build the 3rd Temple.  This will happen.  This belief and knowledge has given us the strength to survive this almost 2000 years of exile.  May it indeed end soon and we can have what the Al-mighty promised us, the 3rd Holy Temple in our Holy Land.


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