Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 31, 2015

Biha’aloscha – When You Will Light

This week’s Torah portion is Biha’aloscha – “When you will light”.  The obvious concept is bringing light into a world of darkness through learning Torah and doing Mitzvos, good deeds.

We find in the Torah reading the instructions that Moshe should make two silver trumpets and that the Kohaneem would blow one long blast to assemble the leaders and heads of Israel from only one trumpet and would blow one long blast from both trumpets to assemble the entire Jewish Nation.  They would blow short blasts it was time to journey with a system of Yehuda to the east going first with the short blast, Reuven to the south going second with the next short blasts.

It is interesting to note that there were two trumpets made.  The same could have been accomplished with one.  To make a distinction between the entire nation being summoned or just the Jewish leaders, a combo could have been used.  For the entire nation just a long blast and for just the leaders a long and short blast would have worked.

Perhaps one of the meanings for two trumpets could be the following.  We generally thing of two categories, the spiritual and the physical.  We tend to separate these categories.  When involved in the spiritual of course we have to have our hearts and minds devoted to the Al-mighty.  However, when involved in the physical we have to focus on getting the physical task accomplished.  This in a way is true.  However, we must at the same time keep our hearts and minds focused on being devoted to the Al-mighty and to ensure that this physical activity is also serving the Al-mighty.

Silver in Hebrew is Kesef, which also translates as money.  We can certainly understand that monies used for spiritual activities is to be devoted to the Al-mighty.  It is the monies spent on the physical that remains the challenge, this money, Kesef, needs to also be used in a way that serves the Al-mighty.  Thus the two silver trumpets, that both the physical and spiritual must serve the Al-mighty.

In this way the spiritual 3rd Temple that awaits us can be brought down and become our 3rd physical Temple


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