Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 17, 2015

BaMidbar – In The Desert

This week we begin the 4th book in the Torah, called Bamidbar (In the Desert).

We are told in this portion the way they camped in the Desert.  The Levites were in the center with the Holy Tabernacle.  Then 3 tribes were on each of the sides, North, East, West and South. (That is part of the NEWS for this week).  Each tribe had their own flag in colors and design. The true beauty is that as they surrounded the Holy Tabernacle this showed a sign of unity amongst them.

For us this is a major lesson.  Though we may have slightly different backgrounds, the tribes had different mothers and different personalities, they were united.  Their role was to surround the Holy Tabernacle and serve the Al-mighty as one nation.

We have the same obligation though we all have different backgrounds and personalities.  We are to surround the Holy Tabernacle ( inside the Tabernacle was the Tablets – what our Holy Torah is about) We are to surround the Torah, be dedicated to Torah and one another.  In this way we will soon see our  Holy 3rd Temple.


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