Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 10, 2015

Bihar – Bichukosy In The Mountain – In My Statutes

This week, we again have a double portion and conclude the book of Vayikra, the third book of the Torah.

In the final section of the 3rd book called Vayeekra there are listed a variety of negative punishments if we do not fulfill the Al-mighty’s will, if we do not walk in His statutes.  Rashi records 7 ways that we do not listen and as a result 7 levels of punishment.

We are about to enter the 4th book called Bimeedbar – In the Desert.  The Torah may be telling us a method of survival and overcoming the Meedbar – Desert. (Goloos – Exile).  We have to take with us the enthusiasm of doing all the commandments the Al-mighty gave us, including those commandments that are Statutes (Chukeem), laws without a logical reason; (Mishpoteem) laws that make sense; (Aidoos) or testimony to a historical event.

This was how the Torah Reading began in the section of Bichukosy – In My Statutes.  However, unfortunately we need reality as well.  If we do not listen there is indeed a punishment. This we have seen throughout our history.  We end the 3rd book by calling out Chazak Chazak Venischazaik – Be Strong Be Strong and Be Strengthened.

We need to remain strong in our positive commitment and enthusiasm.  We need to be strong in our will to abstain from the negative influences.  In this way we will finally reap our reward of the 3rd Temple.


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