Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 3, 2015

Emor – Say

This week’s Torah Reading is Emor – Say.  After going through the Jewish holidays and the various offerings that were brought during the time of the Temple, the Menorah and the Table that contained the12 loaves of show bread are discussed.

The holidays represent our special spiritual growth and relationship with the Al-mighty during these special occasions. Rosh Hashona, the Al-mighty is again our King and the New Year begins.  Yom Kippur is our day of forgiveness and so on as we celebrate each holiday and bring in the spiritual energy associated with each special holiday.

The Menorah was the lighting of the oil each day as was the Table the show bread sitting there the entire week.  These two special items, the Menorah and the Table served as a reminder that daily we are bound to the Al-mighty in a special way.  We are to commit ourselves spiritually to the Al-mighty, symbolized by the Menorah and the burning flame, daily.  We are also to commit ourselves physically to the Al-mighty, symbolized by the Table and the physical show bread that was placed there.

By us committing ourselves to the Al-mighty spiritually and physically, the Al-mighty will in turn commit to us as was shown during the time we had the Temple with the miracles that were associated with the Menorah and the Table.

May we soon merit to openly see these miracles again in our 3rd Bais Hamikdosh – Holy Temple.


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