Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 26, 2015

Acharai Mos – Kedosheem After the Death – Holy

This week’s Torah Reading is once again a double portion. We find ourselves in the midst of studying Pirchei Avos, Ethics of Our Fathers and counting the omer, leading up to the receiving of the Torah.

The concept clearly during this time period is a march towards self improvement and holiness.  This is also emphasized in the Torah readings.  Our every action needs to be pure and positive.  We are also not to avoid doing the right thing.  We need to be a nation that acts quickly when it sees a situation that needs correction or assistance.

As individuals we each need to constantly evaluate our own actions.  We must constantly remain pure and avoid the negative environment we may be exposed to.

Acharai Mos – Kedoshim  sort of implying After Death you will be Holy.   Very nice.  However, the Torah we live by is informing us in these two portions, that while we live we are to strive to be Holy in every act, feeling and thought.

This is our daily mandate, to strive for Holiness to receive the ultimate reception of the 3rd Holy Temple shortly as well.


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