Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 19, 2015

Tazreeyah – Metzorah Conceives – Leper

This week’s Torah Reading is a double portion.  The week also begins with the Rosh Chodesh – the New Month of Iyar.  This is the month that the Al-might cures us.

In the Torah Reading we read about the concept of impurity and various actions that can cause impurity.  At a first glance the idea of becoming impure and then going through a process to again become pure appears strange.  Indeed it is in many ways.  We can also think that it is a big negative.  Again in some ways it is. However what we are being told is that something has occurred and it is our job to bring ourselves back to a state of purity, (closeness to the Al-mighty).

Our actions and events that occur play an important role in our daily lives.  Each act can either bring us closer to the Al-mighty   or can distance us.  When something happens to create an apparent perception of distance, we are reminded to dig deeper and improve our actions and behavior to once again draw closers to our Creator and be classified as pure.


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