Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 22, 2015

Tzav – Command (Attach)

This week’s Torah Reading is called Tzav – Command. It is also Shabbos Hagodal – The Great Shabbos, the Shabbos before Passover.  Guess what we will be busy doing?  Yep, koshering our kitchen.

In this week’s Torah Reading there is a line from the Torah that tells us that earthenware vessels cannot be koshered and metal vessels can.  This is a major source in Jewish Law to the koshering of vessels.  The Shulchan Orech has specifics on how to deal with various vessels.  Today we have books that assist us on the specific vessels we have in our modern kitchen.

It is interesting to note that not all  vessels can be koshered.  Perhaps this is a lesson telling us that not all actions or activities that we are into can be converted to being “kosher”.  Certain activities we just have to totally abstain from.  (They cannot be koshered).  In Judaism there is the concept of Klipot Nogah, meaning neutral activity, such as eating kosher food.  How we eat it plays the important role.  Do we eat it with the desire to attach (Tzav) ourselves to the Al-mighty?  Do we eat it purely as a gluten (pig) act?  Torah wants us to kosher the vessel, eat it in the proper manner so our physical bodies will remain holy and attached to the Al-mighty.  So it is with every neutral activity our body encounters.  We are to perform and use our body in the Holy service of the Al-mighty in everything that is permitted.

This converts our physical body into a mini Holy Temple, which ultimately will lead to the 3rd Holy Temple.


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