Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 15, 2015

Vayeekra – And He Called

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 3rd book called Vayeekra – And He Called.  It is also Parshas HaChodesh, where we read that this month is the first month of the months of the year.  This is referring to the Hebrew month of Nissan, the month of the liberation from Egypt.  This Shabbos is also Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the New Month of Nissan.  Indeed we are beginning our preparations for the upcoming Pesach which is in the month of Nissan.

In the Torah Reading, we read about bringing a sacrifice for doing something wrong by accident.  The accident the Torah is talking about is still due to the person being negligent.  Had he been totally innocent of making the mistake, no offering was even needed to achieve atonement.  What we see is that a person is responsible for being negligent in doing something wrong.  We have this in our system.  If an accident occurred as a result of speeding, then a person was indeed negligent and would have to pay a fine or costs involved or even worse if the result was tragic.  If there was no fault of his own, the accident would be deemed faultless.

We thus see that Torah requires that we be constantly tuned in to doing what is right and avoid what is wrong.  This involves a great deal of concentration and yes sacrifice, which this section is about.  In order to be attached to the Al-mighty we have to make sacrifices.  It is our combined daily sacrifices that will bring about the revelation of the 3rd Temple and the revealed presence of the Al-mighty in our midst.


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