Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 1, 2015

Kee Seesa – When You Will Count

This week’s Torah Reading follows last week’s special Maftir – Additional Reading of the Commandment to Remember Amalek, who attacked us shortly after we left Egypt to prevent us from receiving the Torah.

Kee Seesa – When You Will Count, shows the value of each Jew in the eyes of the Al-mighty. Then quickly, in the portion we read about the real bad biggy, the worshiping of the Golden Calf.  This event causes Moshe to break the very Tablets he was handed by the Al-mighty.

We are also now in the week that Purim occurs, where Jews once again regret their past actions and reaffirm their commitment to the Al-mighty.  We celebrate this victory against the wicked Haman, a descendant of Amalek, with a festive meal, costumes and great happiness.

One of the explanations given as to why Moshe actually broke the Tablets was the dancing he saw around the Golden Calf.  To counter this very negative event we dance to events that are positive.

May we soon dance to the event of the building of the 3rd Holy Temple in Jerusalem.


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