Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 15, 2015

Terumah – A Portion

This week’s Torah Reading is called Terumah – A Portion.  The focus turns to donations and the building of the Holy Temple in the desert and the vessels and garments associated with the Holy Temple.

Among the items that were built for the Holy Temple was the Menorah.  It consisted of seven branches and pure oil was used for the fires that burned from these seven branches.  The pure part we all can understand.  Our thoughts and our actions should shine from and with purity.  The seven branches we can also understand.  They would represent that each day we should think and act with this level of purity.

There was another interesting feature.  The windows of the Holy Temple were constructed so that the light would shine out.  This tells us that the lights of the Holy Menorah and what it represented were to give light to the world.

Our thoughts and actions indeed affect the world we live in.  It is imperative that they be pure to bring lightness into a dark world.  It is with this hope that once again, with our pure thoughts and actions, we can have a dwelling place built for the Al-mighty to so to speak live in, our 3rd Holy Temple.


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