Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 1, 2015

Yisro – Yisro

This week’s Torah Reading is called YIsro – Yisro (In honor of the name of Moshe’s father-in-law). The Torah Reading also contains the 10 Commandments.

Among the 10 commandments is the commandment to Remeber the Shabbos and make it Holy. ( Hey taking a day off hard work sounds good to me.)  This commandment actually sets the tone for the other 6 days of the week.  It serves as a constant reminder that our six days of work should be dedicated also in a holy format.  We should be honest in whatever career or job we take or hold.  Our days of work should have a level of holiness to them.  The nations of the world should respect our work ethics and learn from them.

Thus the keeping of the Shabbos is truly a spill over to each day that follows.  We say that from the Shabbos the rest of the week is blessed.  By giving priority to Shabbos in our manner of celebration we help provide and assure that the week to come will be a productive and blessed week.

Let us hope that one Shabbos will lead to the ultimate level of production, the building of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.


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