Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 25, 2015

Bishalach – Sent Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Bishalach – Sent Out.  The Jewish Nation is Sent Out by Paroh, finally, from Egypt.  It is also called Shabbos Shira, as we sing the famous song, also found in our daily prayers of the Miracle of the Splitting of the Red Sea.

We find that at the actual crossing the Jews were hesitant to enter the water even though they were told that the waters would split.  Nachshon ben Aminadav, from the tribe of Yehuda, is the first to obey and enter.  The water reaches to his neck and then the miracle begins.  (I guess this is the source for you sometimes have to “stick out your neck” for miracles to happen). Nachshon later becomes the leader of the Tribe of Yehuda. Nachshon also is the brother-in-law to Aaron, Moshe’s brother.  Aaron had married Elisheva, Nachshon’s sister.

Perhaps we can learn from here that leadership indeed requires a person to occasionally stick out his neck for a positive result.  When we see something important or positive we need to take a step in that direction.  We may have much to gain.  In the case of Nachshon, his action participated in stimulating the amazing miracle of the Splitting of the Red Sea.  This lead to the final stage of the Exodus from Egypt, the exile the Jewish Nation had been in.  By our sticking out our necks, to serve the Al-mighty this will ultimately lead to our Redemption.  There is perhaps no greater area of sticking out your neck than in the defense and love of a fellow Jew.  By standing up for each other, we unite and bring the true happiness to our Father in Heaven, the Almighty, and He will end our present Exile.


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