Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 18, 2015

Bo – Come

This week’s Torah Reading is called Bo – Come.  This week is also the week of the new month of Shevat. A month that contains the New Year for trees, the 15th of Shevat.  As we are compared to trees it marks a renewal for us as well.

Certainly with the final 3 plagues and Pharoh telling the Jewish Nation to leave for real in this Torah Reading, it marks a new beginning for the Jewish Nation as they leave Egypt, their harsh exile.

The 8th plague was locust which devoured all the fruits and vegetables in Egypt.  A very devastating plague.  The Torah points out that those locusts that the Egyptians caught and pickled in jars vanished when the plague was removed.  This clearly indicated that the plague was not a natural phenomenon.

All of Egypt knew that they were at the mercy of the Al-mighty.  At this point Pharoh has no choice his free will has been removed by the Al-mighty.  Thus he says no to letting the Jewish Nation go.  There are still 2 plagues that the Egyptians need to experience, the Plague of Darkness and the final plague of the Killing of the First Born.

These final plagues are payback.  During the Plague of Darkness the Jewish Nation was able to find the monies the Egyptians hid so they could later ask for payment during their years of slavery.  They would tell the Egyptians exactly where they could find the funds to make payment.  The Killing of the First Born was payback for the killing of the Jewish babies during the later years.

After the payback it is now time for the Jewish Nation to leave Egypt.  They begin a new period by first celebrating that very night when the final plague takes effect with the Passover celebration.  They begin their new life as a family partaking of the Passover Lamb and then quickly leaving Egypt.

May we soon see our final days in exile and experience our family get together on Passover, celebrating our freedom with the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.


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