Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 11, 2015

VaAirah – And I Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 10 plagues that occurred in Egypt.  This Shabbos is also Shabbos Mivorcheem, the Shabbos we bless the New Month of Shevat.  The New Month, always represents the concept of rejuvenation, the moon begins to shine once again.  It is also the week that the famous author, know as the Baal HaTanya, Rabbi Scheur Zalman of Liadi has his yahrzeit.  He participated in the rejuvenation of Judaism by continuing the Chassidic teachings of  the famous Baal Shem Tov.

In the Torah Reading we find that at plague number 4 Pharoh changes his tune a bit.  The first 3 plagues he sort of ignores.  The first 2  plagues his magicians could also do, the 3rd he sort of just shrugged off even though his magicians conceded it must be the finger of the Al-mighty causing this plague.

Comes number 4 and Pharoh gives in a bit.  He is willing to let the Jewish nation as a whole declare a day of worship and sacrifice to their Al-mighty but in the land of Egypt.  Moshe explains that would cause riots as the Jewish Nation was going to slaughter lambs which were an idol to the Egyptian populace.  All violence would break out.  Pharoh says okay but you do not have to travel 3 days distance, just get out of the city so the Egyptian populace will not witness your activities.  Of course after the plague is removed, Pharoh reneges on this as well.  The Jewish Nation is not allowed to sacrifice or go anywhere.

What caused Pharoh to react differently to this 4th plague?  This plague consisted of wild animals including deadly snakes scorpions and spiders.  The 1st plague Blood, eh cannot drink the water, I have Coke in my fridge.  The 2nd plague frogs, eh sweep them out of my house or bring in Truly Nolan to kill them.  The 3rd plague lice, cheap hotel, change the linens.  Now the 4th plague wild animals, that is a bit different.  How would anyone react with a lion, tiger, snake and scorpion in your home?  The lion and tiger in your kitchen, breakfast, lunch or dinner?  The snake and scorpion in your bath tub, anyone for a bath or shower?  I think this might have caused a reaction just as we saw it indeed do.

We go through life often shaking our shoulder at things we see or hear.  Then one day we are confronted with a ‘wild animal’ so to speak that does wake us up.  We are at present facing wild animals, we need to wake up, stress the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov, Ahavas Yisroel, the love of a fellow Jew, the unity of a nation.  Soon we will experience redemption as did the Jews of Egypt.  We just have to stop acting like Pharoh.  We need to fully open our eyes, hearts and minds.


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