Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 21, 2014

Vayeegash – And He Approached

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeegash – And He Approached.

In the Torah Reading we list the names and numbers of those that came to Egypt.  The total being 70 of which the Torah mentions 33 were from Leah, Yakov’s first wife.  If we take a count we find only 32 are mentioned and not 33.  There are a couple of explanations.  One is that the 33rd is Yakov himself as Leah was his first wife and he was buried later with Leah.  The other opinion is that it is Yocheved the future mother of Moshe, the redeemer of the Jewish Nation from Egypt.

Based on the opinion that it is Yocheved this would make her 130 years old when she gives birth to Moshe.  Now that is what I would call a miracle, yet the Torah plays up Sarah giving birth at the age of 90.  Certain events, especially when stated by a prophet or angel that will take place, and then happens, are referred to as open miracles.  Events that occur in our daily lives, which truthfully are miracles, are listed as every day events as they are not highlighted by the announcement of an angel or prophet.

However, it is up to us to see that our daily lives are indeed miraculous and to be thankful each day.  Thus we say the Modeh Ani each morning, thankful that we are alive when we wake up.

Perhaps this can explain a little bit about one aspect of the miracle of Chanuka that we still celebrate at the beginning of this week.  They found one container of oil that was not contaminated by the Greeks.  This is part of the miracle of Chanuka.  Yet the container was hidden and the seal intact.  A greater miracle would have been for the one container to be intact and be right there out in the open.  We are perhaps reminded that if we look a little we will find miracles in our daily lives.

Of course we all await the big miracle of lighting the Menorah once again in our 3rd Holy Temple


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