Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 14, 2014

Meekaitz – The End

This week’s Torah Reading is Meekaitz – The End.  It is also Shabbos Chanukah. Meekaitz almost always falls out to be Chanukah time.

In the Torah Reading we find a sentence that Rashi does not comment on that to me does have a question.  We know that Yoseph married Asnas as it is mentioned earlier.  We know that she is referred to as the daughter of Poti Phera, Chief of On.  We also really know through tradition she is Dinah’s daughter born from her being raped.  She was therefore shunned by the family and ran away.

Yoseph recognizes who she is and chooses to marry her.  Why does the Torah bother to mention a second time she is the daughter of Poti Phera, chief of On who gave birth to Menasha and Ephraim during the 7 years of plenty?  The Torah could have simply said Asnas?

Perhaps a possible answer is the following.  Asnas had a horrible beginning, born from a rape, and rejected by her relatives.  She ended up in a house with a step-mother that let us say may have not been the most moral example.  Note what she wanted to do with Yoseph when he was the adviser to her husband.  Yet Asnas rises above all this as did Yoseph and gives birth and raises 2 boys worthy of being part of the tribes of Israel and receiving Yakov’s special blessings.

The Torah wants to emphasize this fact stating though she was so to speak the daughter of Poti Phera, Chief of On, she acted like a true member of Yakov’s family.

This will set the tone for the Jewish women while in Egypt.  They will maintain a very hard standard of modesty and strength and this will set the tone for the Jewish women during the Greeks to act in a similar way, with modesty and encouragement to their husbands and family.  This will also set the tone for our final redemption with the modesty and encouragement the Jewish women give to their family, and society as a whole.


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