Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 7, 2014

VaYaishev – And He Settled

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaishev – And He Settled.  This week we read about Tamar, the now wife of Yehuda giving birth to twins.  It is noted that in the Torah the word for twins is written in full on this occasion.  When Rivka, Yitzchak’s wife, gave birth to twins, the word for twins in Hebrew is missing a letter.  With Rivka, she gave birth to Esav and Yakov, one was wicked and one was righteous.  With Tamar she gave birth to Paretz and  Zerach, both of whom were righteous, and thus the Hebrew word for twins is spelled in full.

Their birth is also a bit strange.  Zerach stuck out his hand first but Paretz came out first.  We are told that since the Redeemer of Israel, Moshiach and the King David Dynasty would come from Paretz it was appropriate that he come out first.

The question could be asked, if that is the case why did Esav come out first?  Should Yakov not come out first since he was the chosen.  One answer can be given, Esav was disqualified because he was wicked and also he did sell his rights to Yakov.  Another answer given is that Yakov was indeed the first born spiritually.  If you take a tube and put two balls in, the first ball, when you empty the tube, will come out second.  Thus Yakov was the first sperm, conception and Esav was indeed the second, thus Esav came out first.  This is all good in the spiritual world but in the physical world we judge the first born based on who comes out first.

Thus as King David represented a real physical kingly dynasty, it was important that his ancestor emerge first.  Thus Paretz pushes his way out first.  We again find ourselves waiting for the descendant of Paretz and Kind David to push himself out first and lead us out of this final Exile.  May he push out soon and lead us to the building of the 3rd Temple and our final redemption.


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