Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 16, 2014

Toldos – Generations

This week’s Torah Reading is Toldos – Generations. It is also the Shabbos we bless the new month of Kislev, which begins on Sunday. Kislev is the special month of the miracle of Chanuka.

In this Torah portion, we are told that when Esav reached the age of 40, he too, chose to get married. Yitzchak his father married at 40. He takes 2 wives, with nice sounding names, Yehudis (sounds nice an Jewish) and Basmas (like bisamim – spices in Hebrew). Esav was a phony pretender. He acted one way openly, and secretly he was a murderer and adulterer. He fooled Yitzchak, but his mama, Rivka knew what he was like. Remember, when she was pregnant, she went to enquire what was going on inside her during her pregnancy. She was told she was going to have twins, one a good guy and the other — well we know.

The wives that Esav took the Torah records as causing bitterness to both, Yitzchak and Rivka. Still Yitzchak feels Esav should receive the special blessing. Rivka will correct that.

Throughout our history, the Jewish Mother, has found ways to correct problems that affect Judaism in a negative way. Chanuka coming up is another example.


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