Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 9, 2014

Chayai Sara – The Life of Sarah

This week’s Torah Reading is called Chayai Sarah – The Life of Sarah. Check previous blogs on this Torah Reading for explanations of the title. After all, the announcement of her death is what the Torah reading starts off with.

We find in the Torah Reading, a strange occurrence. Avraham chooses to remarry after Sara passes away. What was his motivation. (Okay, he was a lousy cook). However, he could just have hired a veteran cook, even a male. Avraham was a very rich guy and had lots of servants and workers. Not only did he get married but he had children.

If we examine Avraham carefully, we find that he had a reason for his actions in life. He had a reason here as well. His mission was to spread the concept of a Creator in the living world. He perhaps felt by having additional children that he could partially influence them. Then he would send them away to different parts of the world where perhaps his teachings would become implanted in the various cultures. Indeed, if we examine some of the various countries we will find some influence in their philosophy that we can trace back to Avraham.

When the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh will be rebuilt, it is now understandable why other nations will be able to accept and adjust to this wonderful situation. Avraham had set the future table by having additional children and sending them away to different parts of the world.


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