Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 2, 2014

Vayaira – And He Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is called Vayaira – And He Appeared.

Once again we read that the King of a Land wanted Sarah. This King, Avimelech, and the people in the land are different than the King and people in Egypt. There, the people would simply murder the husband to take the wife. This land was on the up and up. Thus Avimelech is told in a dream, after he took Sarah, that she is married to Avraham and not a sister. Avimelech goes to his people and informs them that Avraham is to be left untouched and that Sarah is his wife. He tells Avraham that the best land is available to him to choose from to settle in.

Thus we are shown to different types of rulers and lands. This may be a future indication of what our experience would be like in Exile. There would be countries that would respect us and treat us in a pleasant manner and there would be countries that would treat us cruelly. This indeed has been our history.

We have our founding Mother (Sarah) and our founding Father (Avraham) go through these experiences and survive. This too sets the tone that as a nation we will survive our exile, be it very bitter – as in Egypt, or be it more pleasant as in other countries and lands we have lived in.

However it would be nice for all this to come to an end and fulfill the ultimate promise to our founding parents, the redemption of the Jewish Nation, our living in the promised land and the building of the 3rd Temple.


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