Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 26, 2014

Lech Lecha – Go For Yourself

This week’s Torah Reading is called Lech Lecha – Go For Yourself. It covers the lives of our first Father of the Jewish Nation, Abraham and our first Mother of the Jewish Nation, Sarah.

We find a most unusual event. Sarah has no children. She realizes the importance of the continuation of their philosophy and work. She thus approaches her husband with an amazing and strange request. Avraham should marry their servant Hagar. She by the way was a former princess of Egypt who chose to accompany Avraham and Sarah as she recognized their unique greatness. She believed better their servant than a princess in Egypt. Obviously she was an amazing woman.

Avraham recognizes the importance of what Sarah is asking and listens. Hagar indeed becomes pregnant This pregnancy creates animosity between Sarah and Hagar. Hagar now thinks she may be greater than Sarah. Sarah gets upset and Avraham makes it clear to Hagar who is the boss in the household and Hagar needs to listen to Sarah. Hagar runs away. She is met by an angel and she is told that her child will become great. Hagar returns to Sarah. A child is born who indeed will become a great leader (Oy the headaches we have today from this kid Ishmael, founder of the Arab nations).

From this story we do see the level of sacrifice our founders were prepared to make. We will get a further taste of this when Abraham will be asked to sacrifice his son Yitzchak. We all at times are faced with the challenge that requires personal sacrifice. It is part of our heritage to make that sacrifice. We also see this in the final section of this week’s Torah Reading where Avraham is asked to circumcise himself and the future Mitzvah – Commandment of Circumcision will be given to do to each healthy male child when he reaches 8 days. This will set the tone at an early age that we may at times have to make sacrifices. Let us hope that our personal life sacrifices are coming to an end and that we will soon see the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh – the 3rd Holy Temple.


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