Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 19, 2014

Noach – Noach

This week’s Torah Reading is Noach – Noach. It is also Shabbos Rosh Chodesh (Mar) Cheshvan – Mar meaning bitter. This is a month with no joyous holidays and no sweet honey required on our Challa.

Noach spends a 120 years building his company called “Noach’s Cruise Line”. We see that it was popular because as it began to rain hard, the people were lined up to buy a ticket to get on. Unfortunately for them it was limited to Noach and his family. For entertainment, Noach provided a zoo, that he of course along with his family had to look after for an entire year.

For the story of Noah and the Flood I again refer the reader for fun to Bill Cosby on YouTube. For the picture version see: and for the longer sound only version see: Just a little note that in the actual story the building of the Ark took 120 years to allow the people to see and ask. Noah told them the truth in the hope that the people would repent. It obviously did not work.

This Torah Reading does end with a further positive story. Right at the very end it tells us of the birth of Abraham and Abraham marrying Sarah. This of course is the future of the Jewish Nation and the future light that will be brought into the world. Thus on one hand we have the destruction of most of the world and then Noach saving a portion, his family and the “zoo”. This is followed by the introduction of Abraham and Sarah who will cause the ultimate redemption of the world. May we see that very soon


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