Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 31, 2014

Key TaiTzai – When You Will Go Out

The Torah Reading for this week is called Key Taitzai – When You Will Go Out (to do battle). Note that it does not say IF which implies that this may or may not happen. The Torah states clearly WHEN which implies it is going to happen. Each of us will encounter battles in life that we will have to go out and deal with.

Perhaps that is why this Torah Reading has an abundance of commandments. When we go out to do battle in the world we live in we need to be well armed. Having in our arsenal the fulfillment of many commandments is a key to victory in our struggles in life.

The Torah Reading contains both Positive and Negative Commandments. We are both abstaining from doing wrong and making an effort to do what is right. In our day to day encounters in life this is a key factor. We maintain proper control and are willing to extend ourselves for others to do the right thing. It is this type of behavior which will lead to the ultimate victory which will be shown through the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.


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