Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 17, 2014

Ri’aih – See

This week’s Torah Reading is Ri’aih – See. It is also the Shabbos that we bless the month of Elul, a month that we have to examine and look at our deeds we did or did not do for the year that is quickly ending. Soon it will be Rosh Hashona – The New Year and we have to make amends to receive the proper blessings.

In the Torah portion, in addition to the Kosher laws, we read the laws of a false prophet. Even though a person may perform miracles and predict the future, the moment this person tells you to stray in some way from the laws of the Torah, you know he is a false prophet. The penalty is death. The question you may have is how come the so called prophet was able to do what he did, the Al-mighty responds that this was a form of a test. Nothing is to take us off the proper path of the Torah.

This is another way to emphasize to us to see the right path that we should take in our daily lives. Nothing, even unusual miracles should cause us to divert from our special chosen path as a Jewish Nation. This strong faith and commitment that we display will bring about the Al-mighty’s commitment to His children and the building of the 3rd Temple in that special place that was selected, Jerusalem. The place where our first father, Abraham, showed his commitment as did his son Isaac at the Akeida, the binding of Isaac, to be a sacrifice to the Al-mighty.


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