Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 10, 2014

Aikev – Heel

This week’s Torah Reading is called Aikev – Heel. In the previous Torah reading we had the 1st section of the Shema Yisroel – Hear Oh Israel. In this week’s Torah reading we have the 2nd Section ViHaya Im SHemoah – And It Will Be If You Listen.

The 2nd portion tells us that if we love the Al-mighty and serve Him, by fulfilling His commandments from love, then we shall be blessed with physical goodness. We are then told if we do not and choose to serve false idols then we will have it hard. It also contains the commandments of wearing Tefillin(black leather boxes on the arm and head) and putting a Mezzuzah – a parchment on our door posts. This will benefit us, our children and our living pleasantly in our chosen land, Israel.

We are witnessing and living in hard times now. The events in Israel, the violence affecting Jews around the world, including my own community this past Shabbos in North Miami Beach. Perhaps this Torah reading serves as a reminder to strengthen our love and commitment to the Al-mighty and our fellow Jews by being careful in every action that we take, even if it appears to be minor in value. By our connecting together with love and expressing our love in every single activity that we undertake, surely this will cause the Al-mighty to once again, openly express His love to His chosen people. Which will ultimately bring about the building of the 3rd Temple.


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