Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 20, 2014

Massi – Journeys

This week’s Torah Reading is the final section in the 4th Book of Bamidbar – In The Desert (Numbers).  We also will bless the New Month, which is the month of Menachem Av., the month the Temple was destroyed and our present exile began. (And once again we are in a barren desert).

The Torah Reading ends in a similar note as did the Torah Reading of the final section in the previous book, the 3rd Book, Vayikra – And He Called.  It ends by saying these are the Mitzvot and Mishpateem – the  Commandments and Ordinances that the Al-mighty commanded through Moshe to the Bnai Yisroel – the Children of Israel.

This is the new generation that is going to enter the promised land.  The previous generation heard this from Moshe at Mt. Sinai.  This generation heard it from Moshe at the Jordan, by Jericho.

Perhaps, because the Jewish Nation were to now fulfill the promise made to the Avos – Our forefathers, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yakov, that we were to inherit the land of Israel, that the Torah reminds them of the Torah Laws.  The purpose in entering the land is to fulfill the Mitzvot and Mishpateem of the Al-mighty, the Commandments and Ordinances.  When we finish one stage in life, Bamidbar, we need to know that when we enter a new stage we have to take with us the Commandments of the Al-mighty.


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