Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 14, 2014

Matos – Tribes

This week’s Torah Reading is Matos – Tribes.  In the Torah portion Moshe is commanded to take Nekama – Revenge against the Midianites.  This nation caused the Jewish Nation to sin and did great harm.  Moshe is quick to prepare for battle and to take revenge even knowing that after this last responsibility he will die.  We have talked about this before in the years gone by.  However we are witnessing today, in our time, a situation which perhaps requires Nekama – Revenge.

Day in and day out our enemies are sending rockets to kill us.  Do we stand by and say okay?  Rely on the protective means of shooting down their rockets and the Miracles of the Al-mighty on a daily basis?  Or do we take a stand, yes Nekama – Revenge and remove the problem totally?

Where did this cease fire come from?  What happened to surrender?  In WWII there was no cease fire, Germany surrendered and Japan surrendered.  Please note with Japan, a nuclear bomb was used that caused a great deal of collateral damage.  To stop murderers, this is truly what these terrorists are, perhaps Nekama – Revenge fits.  We must go all out, holding nothing back to remove the problem totally.   Midian would no longer be a threat to the Jewish Nation after Moshe waged war against them.

We need to go all out to where there is a full surrender and removal of those causing the trouble.  This will help us to experience some level of peace so that we can serve the Al-mighty without interference of fear for our lives.


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