Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 6, 2014

Balak – Balak

The Torah Reading of Balak has some beautiful blessings for the Jewish Nation as well as future prophetic statements.

It is interesting to note that Balak was looking to do harm to the Jewish Nation by hiring Bilam to curse the Jewish Nation. The Al-mighty turned this negative energy into very positive beautiful blessings.

This is an up beat message for us in our daily lives. We often see potential negative situations coming at us. It is important to note that these negatives can be changed to very beautiful positives. On our part we need to make sure our actions justify the change to a positive force. At the very end of the Torah Reading we see that the Jewish men slipped up in their behavior. This caused the death of 24,000 through a plague.

In our daily struggle with the negatives, it is vital that we remain on the positive side. This allows for the wonderful blessings to reach us. May we merit the final blessing of Redemption and the Building of the 3rd Temple all indicated by Bilam in his final prophetic statements.


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