Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 15, 2014

Korach – Korach

This week’s Torah Reading is Korach. The Torah tells us that Moshe requested a special way for Korach and his rebels to die. This special miracle would validate Moshe as the leader and in close communication with the Al-mighty. Moshe asked that a new type of pit open, swallow up only those guilty and then close up. This was certainly a very unique event. Yes we have earth quakes and people are swallowed up. However, they are random and not selected. In addition, the ground does not return to its original state prior to the earth quake.

This indeed happened and Korach and his rebels were swallowed up and then covered over as Moshe had requested. There were many options for Moshe to choose from to prove his point. He could have asked for individual lighting bolts to shoot out and target Korach and each member of the rebellion. Perhaps one reason Moshe chose the earth is that man was created from the earth and is destined to return to the earth. Thus we are buried according to Jewish law and not cremated for example. Another possibility may have been to again stress the concept of humility. We have talked before that the ego of Korach caused his downfall. The fact that he and his rebels were swallowed up by the earth is a reminder to be lowly and humble like the earth represents. We all walk, step on the earth.

It is further interesting to note, that the person described as the most humble, Moshe, was the one who requested this type of death, to stress humility. Thus it is clear from this week’s Torah portion that humility is one major attribute to strive for.


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