Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 21, 2014

Bamidbar – In the Desert

This week’s Torah Reading is Bamidbar – In the Desert. The word Bamidbar begins with a Beis as did Biraishis – In the Beginning and Bihar – In the mountain.

The Torah points out in the very first book Biraishis that the world was created for Torah which is called Raishis – first and Yisroel which is referred to as Raishis – first.

When we read Bihar we mentioned that the Torah was given Bihar – In the mountain to show that Torah is needed to show the way in an enclosed mountain where things could be dark and not seen.

Similarly, we enter the 4th book with the very first word being Bimidbar – In the Desert. This lets us know that to survive in the desert we need Torah. This is actually referred to in the very word Bimidbar itself. The word is spelt Beis, Mem, Daled, Beis, Raish. The first to letters Beis, Mem make up the word Bam, referring to Videbarta Bam – You should speak in them. The Beis refers to Biraishis, the written Torah and the Mem refers to the Mishna, the oral Torah. The remaining three letters, Daled, Beis, Raish stand for the word Debar, speak. When we speak in the words of Torah, written and oral we will survive any desert and exile.


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