Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 20, 2014

Bichukosy – In The Statutes

The Torah Reading of Bichukosy concludes the 3rd Book of the Torah. The 3rd Book began with Vayikra – And He Called (The Al-mighty called to Moses). This was a special calling or special communication. Moshe was humble and used a small Aleph to focus on the Hebrew word Vayikar – It happened, implying an indirect communication from the Al-mighty. This is how the Al-mighty appeared to other prophets, such as Bilham. The Al-mighty wished to point out that with Moshe it was a very direct communication.

We all posses a spark of Moshe in us. The Torah concludes with stressing that we should walk in the Al-mighty’s statutes. This means that we should be careful to fulfill the 3rd category of commandments, namely those that have no reason or logic other than the Al-mighty wants us to do it. The Jewish Dietary laws are used as an example.

When we are prepared to even fulfill laws that make no sense to us then the Al-mighty is prepared to communicate with our special spark in a direct manner, Vayikra – And He (The Al-mighty) Called (directly to that Jew who is walking in the Chukim – Statutes, the laws that are with no reason.)

Let us hope that in fulfilling these types of commandments, Chukim, we will merit that the Al-mighty will once again call us from His Holy Temple.


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