Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 4, 2014

Bihar – In the Mountain

This week’s Torah Reading is called Bihar – In the Mountain. It begins with the Laws of Shmeeta – The Sabbatical Year where the fields are left and we do not plant new crops. Thus we rely very much so on the blessings of the Al-mighty that what we harvested in the 6th year will be sufficient to last us for the 6th year, the 7th year (Shmeeta) and part of the next year as well until the fields can be harvested from their new plantings.

When we were in Egypt we ended up being there in slavery for 210 years. This is indicated in the Hebrew word, Ridu – go down (to Egypt – and it would be a down time as we would be enslaved). The Hebrew word Ridu is spelled Reish, Daled, Vav. The numerical value is Reish = 200, Daled = 4, Vav = 6; for a total of 210 years.

The redemption from Egypt was to bring them to Har Sinai, Mt. Sinai, where they would receive the Torah Bihar (Sinai) and thus experience true freedom. The word, Bihar, is made up of the letters Beis, Hay, Reish. The numerical value of Bihar is Beis = 2, Hay = 5, Reish = 200; for a total of 207. There are 3 letters “IN” (BI means IN) BIhar making now a total of also 210. Thus the Torah given IN Mt. Sinai, BIhar Sinai, indeed served as the cleansing process for the 210 years the Jewish Nation spent in Egypt.


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