Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 27, 2014

Kedosheem – Holy

This week’s Torah Reading is Kedosheem – Holy. It is also the week right after Pesach when we begin to study Pirkay Avos – Ethics of Our Fathers. Some have the custom to study this until Shavuous, when the Torah was given. This serves as sort of a prep to receive the Torah in a very ethical and moral way. (Kedosheem – Holy, way.) Others have the custom to learn this until the New Year as the Sabbath is now longer and it is appropriate to fill it with moral and ethical values (Kedosheem – Holy, moments of study).

We find in this week’s Torah Reading the famous concept of ViAhavta Raiacha Kimocha – To Love Your Fellow Jew. This is partially enhanced by also the study of Pirkay Avos – Ethics of Our Fathers. When we focus on the spiritual and recognize the value of each person we tend to treat them in a proper manner. Pesach marked the beginning of our Redemption. This allowed us to begin to unite so that we would indeed be ready to receive the Torah at Mt. Sinai. It is this unity and holiness that will allow us to experience the ultimate redemption


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