Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 6, 2014

Acharay – After

This week’s Torah reading is called Acharay – After (the death of Aaron’s two sons). It is also Shabbos Hagodol – the Big Sabbath, which is read before Passover.

In this week’s Torah Reading we find mentioned numerous times not to eat blood. It is interesting to note in the olden days there was the famous Blood Libel that Jews used non-Jewish baby blood in their Passover Matzah. Blood did play a role in Passover. The Jews placed the blood of the Passover sacrifice (a lamb) on their door posts so that the final plague, Killing of the First Born, would not enter their homes. It served as a sign of protection which our Mezzuzah serves today.

Blood is referred to as the life of the living. We avoid eating blood to the extent that our meats are rinsed, salted and rinsed again to remove the blood, or they are roasted over a fire.

Those that accused the Jewish people knew this. Yet they wished to create hatred and harm against the Jewish nation.

In truth this is again happening. We see that simply saying the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish Nation is difficult for various people and countries to say. The historical fact is documented as is the fact Jerusalem and the Temple area belong to the Jewish people. Hatred has a strange way of distorting and denying truth.

As we now enter the time frame of searching for the Chometz, that which is not appropriate for Passover, let as also search for inner negative qualities which hinder us in seeing the truth clearly. The truth being we are from one nation and our Father waits for us to attain the level of purity where we can remove our hatred and truly practice Ahavas Yisroel, the Love of a Fellow Jew.


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