Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 30, 2014

Tazreeah – Conceives

This week we read the Portion Tazreeyah and a special reading called Hachodesh (the New Month – referring to the command given to sanctify the New Month which was the month of Nissan, the month the Jews would leave Egypt. This marked the beginning of the Jewish nation and their first command as a nation.

We find in this week’s Torah Reading a strange law. Not only could the disease of leprosy attack a person (because he/she spoke Loshon Hora – Evil Gossip), but certain types of garments could be attacked by this leprosy during the Temple times.

Clothing played an important role even back in the times of the Egyptian Exile. One of the merits the Jewish Nation had was they did not change their style of dress. They dressed Jewish.

Today we see the culture of dressing. Not all is good. The fact that Torah records the impact and importance of clothing should serve as a positive reminder that we need to dress with modesty and respect.

This led to the redemption in Egypt and reminded people in the Temple times to remain steadfast in their Torah commitment. May the proper clothing again lead us to our future redemption.


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