Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 30, 2014

Metzorah – Leprosy

This week’s Torah Reading is called Metzorah – Leprosy. It is the second time the Torah deals with this topic, continuing from the previous week’s reading. Leprosy which came about because of Loshon Hora – Evil Gossip must therefore play a sad role in our Jewish history. Indeed, it is this type of attitude that prolonged the exile in Egypt and our current exile as well. It is important the Jews have love for one another and do not wish to harm one another even with our mouths.

We find a further phenomenon in the disease of Metzorah – Leprosy. It could attack houses as well. There are two views on this house attack event. One is positive and one is negative. In Torah both opinions may very well be true and correct.

The positive one is that the Canaanites knowing that they would soon be under attack hid the wealth in the walls of their homes. By attacking a house in a certain area with leprosy the hiding places were exposed. This was indeed a very positive miracle from the Al-mighty.

The negative one is that a person was so hung up on his own achievements that he believed that the house and all his possessions he earned and deserved. They were not blessings from the Al-mighty. Thus his house was attacked with leprosy as a reminder that the blessings come from above.

Thus if you did not find hidden treasure behind the wall you knew perhaps that you were in that negative category.

Lets all merit to be in the category of finding hidden treasure.


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