Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 2, 2014

Vayeekra – And He Called

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 3rd book called Vayeekra – And He Called.

The portion contains a variety of sacrifices brought for different reasons. Among them listed is a sacrifice that is brought if a leader committed a transgression by mistake. This is a very interesting concept. We often think that our leaders are not open to making mistakes. Some have a belief in the concept of infallibility. The Torah teaches us that this is not the case. We even know that Moshe erred when he hit the rock. Not an earth shattering event but it cost him a trip to Israel, the promised land that he so diligently worked to lead the Jewish Nation to.

Actually it is a good feeling to know that mistakes can be forgiven or corrected. It is also incumbent upon us to forgive our friends that may have harmed us or hurt our feelings. This concept allows us to unite as a Nation. It is with this concept of forgiveness and correction that will lead to the building of our 3rd Temple and the presence of the Al-mighty once again in Jerusalem and our Holy Temple.


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